Burns and Explosions

We have brought successful cases arising from explosions and burns in homes. refineries, oil wells, pumping stations, overhead power lines, truck and automobile crashes and many others.

Economic Damages

When you lose pay or cannot earn in the future, or get hit with medical bills, or have to hire someone to take care of your future medical needs or home because you were injured, the law allows you to prove those losses in court. When you do, the wrongdoer has to pay. You can also get back what you will lose in the future due to loss of your future earning capacity. In death cases, survivors can claim lost earnings, past and future, and non-economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

When the wrongdoer disables or disfigures you, those are non-economic damages. So are loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, agony and torment. When a loved one dies because the wrongdoer was careless, survivors can prove losses of the loved one’s companionship, affection, love, advice and guidance.

Wyoming Burns & Explosions

Accident Law

Companies that cause oil field accidents are financially responsible for all of the harm caused by the accident. These damages include bodily injury, emotional stress and loss of care, comfort and society for the injured person or the decendent’s spouse and children.