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Individuals and families turn to The Fitzgerald Law Firm for help to reclaim their lives after a devastating accident. Justice is healing.

How Do I Know If I Have a Case?

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Harmful accidents can happen at any time, but when your injuries occur due to preventable circumstances, you need a team on your side willing and able to protect your rights. If someone else caused your injuries, you have the right to hold them responsible. The Fitzgerald Law Firm has the experience and the resources to assist you in developing a lawsuit to bring you a successful settlement or verdict.

While our firm is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, The Fitzgerald Law Firm has a track record of excellence representing clients across the nation.

We hold the record for having the largest personal injury jury verdicts ever upheld on appeal in Wyoming.

The firm’s founder, Jim Fitzgerald, has taken many cases to trial and served as trial counsel in the largest wrongful death verdict in Wyoming history. Jim has earned a reputation for winning large personal injury verdicts with determination and the drive to do what is best for his clients.

If you or a loved one has been significantly injured or killed and you believe that you may have a personal injury case, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. Each personal injury case is unique and requires an in-depth assessment, investigation, and analysis to determine the best possible approach.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm understands that pursuing justice after a severe injury or loss can be frustrating and confusing. Our goal is to help as many clients as possible achieve a full recovery and damages to promote their wellbeing.

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    What Is Personal Injury?

    Personal InjuryPersonal injury refers to every variety of injury to a person’s body, emotions, or reputation that is caused when a wrongdoer carelessly, recklessly or intentionally causes that injury.

    There are three grounds on which a personal injury lawsuit can be filed:

    • Negligence: Negligence suits make up the majority of personal injury claims. The basis of a negligence claim is that a person or organization failed to uphold a standard level of care that would have been followed under a similar circumstance. In medical practice, child care, or nursing home care negligence is a top priority. There are four subcategories of negligence that your case can fall under: gross, contributory, comparative, and vicarious.
    • Strict Liability: Liability is the legal concept that a person or organization holds responsibility for their actions, often associated with negligence. Strict liability holds someone responsible for damages their actions have caused, regardless of fault or intent, and is often seen in lawsuits that include faulty products, pet ownership, or construction site accidents resulting from safety conditions.
    • Intentional Wrongs: Action can be brought against a person or organization if harm has been committed with knowledge or intent. Common intentional actions include assault, battery, trespassing, or false imprisonment.

    Examples of personal injuries include:

    • Wrongful Death
    • Auto/Car Accidents
    • Drunk Driving/DUI Injury Accidents
    • Motorcycle Accidents
    • Bicycle Accidents
    • Defective Products
    • Slip and Fall/Premises Liability
    • Broken Bone Accidents
    • Other Serious Injury Accidents

    In order to pursue legal action, a plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant owed them a level of care, failed to provide that standard level of care, and show that the injury sustained was a result. A successful lawsuit will result in a settlement agreement or jury verdict that will award the plaintiff all or partial damages to cover a variety of expenses as well as pain and suffering.

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