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For over 40 years, The Fitzgerald Law Firm, based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has delivered extraordinary results for clients all over the United States with our cornerstone belief: finding the truth and justice.

We focus exclusively on working with severely injured people and families who have lost loved ones.

If you’ve been seriously harmed, damaged, or you’ve lost a loved one, the choice you make about which lawyer to hire can make all the difference between injustice or justice, between living on diminishing government benefits or self-sufficiency, between a good education for your young or no opportunity.

We invite you to contact us for a case review. No charge.


Estate of M.K.A. Andersen v. Western Chemical Specialties


American National Bank of Cheyenne v. Hannifan


M.S. and G.S. v. Railroad Services Company


Tobin v. SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals


Armstrong v. Bisbee, AZ, & Phelps Dodge Corp.


Estate of Guinn v. Builders Transportation Co.

What kind of cases does the Fitzgerald Law Firm handle?

We limit our practice to cases for people with serious, permanent, disabling injuries or loss of a loved one. These cases we handle are personal injury cases, medical malpractice cases, and wrongful death cases. Injury and wrongful death cases results from truck wrecks, car accidents, fires, burns and explosions, slips and falls, defective products, oil field catastrophes, medical errors, and in many other ways.

Does it cost me anything to contact the Fitzgerald Law Firm about my case?

If you think you have a potential case, please contact us. We’ll talk with you and if we can help you, we will. We get paid at the end of your case, but only if we get money for you. If not, you owe us nothing.

Should I contact an attorney about my case?

Yes, call or messages right away. If you wait too long, you may miss the deadline to bring any case at all. To file any notice and a lawyer against the wrong doer that injured or killed your loved one. to bring any case at all.

The fact that you are reading this means you have some questions that need to be answered. You might have a case – or you might not–but the only way to find out is the contact an attorney. You can find our contact form

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