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Oil Field AccidentsThe oil extraction industry is an integral part of Wyoming’s economy. Since the 1880s, the state has explored and drilled for oil and gas minerals and consistently ranks among the top producers nationally.

While the oil industry brings many jobs and sources of income to Wyoming, the occupational hazards oil field workers face are known to be among the most dangerous jobs. Long hours, the use of heavy equipment and machinery, volatile underground pressure, large vehicles, and highly combustible materials all create an environment vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

Due to the dangerous nature of an oil field job site, federal and state regulations are in place to maintain a safe and environmentally conscious work environment. When these regulations are skirted or violated, causing injury or death, victims and their families can be entitled to damages.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm has handled many cases of serious injury and death in the oil field. Sometimes, these cases begin with explosions and fires, sometimes from defective or poorly maintained equipment, and sometimes from a lack of training and supervision. Regardless of how an injury occurs, our firm works hard to hold those responsible accountable for their negligence.

Common Oil Field Accident Injuries

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents. Vehicle accidents are one of the most common sources of injury and death in the oil and gas industry. Companies rely heavily on the transportation of materials to and from job sites and workers regularly operate large machines and vehicles within job sites. Miners are required to maintain vehicle inspections and appropriate licensure.
  • Burns. First, second, and third-degree burns are all common oil field injuries. The severity of the burn will relate to the source of the burn: a fire may be less damaging than an explosion.
  • Falls. Many workers work from high places and require specific safety measures. Defective or worn materials or improper harnesses can lead to falls resulting in severe injury.
  • Chemical Exposure. Sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen fluoride, acids, and carcinogens are all used regularly at a job site and can have serious – and long-lasting health repercussions if stored or handled incorrectly. Proper training and protective gear are necessary safety measures when working with potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Head and Brain Injuries. The most common oilfield head injuries seen by medical providers are concussions, skull fractures, and facial lacerations, all of which can potentially lead to neurological damage.

Oil field injuries like the ones listed above can lead to severe disability or loss of life, leaving injured workers unable to cover medical treatment or provide for their families. It is important to seek assistance from a highly experienced oil field accident attorney as early as possible following an incident to advise on the details of your particular case.

Job Site Regulations

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) establishes federal laws and regulations to help organizations and companies operate within safety standards in an effort to protect employees. The State of Wyoming has adopted those regulations and, in addition, sets standards provided by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services to uphold safety regulations on the state level, initiate inspections, and conduct investigations.

How Our Wyoming Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

Like many personal injury cases, injuries that occur at an oilfield worksite easily become complex as employers are required to conduct an investigation, gather evidence, and identify the cause. Most of the time, the employer will try to put the fault on the worker. In order to pursue a case, an attorney can help you gather your own information and eyewitnesses, and handle insurance claims. Finding a personal injury attorney who is experienced in oil field worksite injuries is crucial.

Not only is Jim Fitzgerald an experienced oil field accident attorney, but he also gained important, ground-level knowledge while working in the oil field while in college.

He has experienced firsthand the dangers of working in the industry and the importance of maintaining a safe work environment for every job role in the field.

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