Gus KoliusIn Jim Fitzgerald’s office hangs a photo of a lawyer that has been passed between friends due to the inspirational message he imparted to young lawyers. Jim keeps it hung by the light switch so he sees it every time he enters or leaves his office and is reminded of his words.

“You can’t win your case in the office.”- Gus Kolius

Jim learned early in his career that to be a successful personal injury trial attorney, he needed to develop a deep understanding of the people involved in each case and figure out how to share their stories with the court. Getting out of his office to initiate his own investigations, speak to witnesses firsthand, and delve into the heart of the case is the first step to bridging the gap between the lawyer and the jury. While a significant amount of casework involves writing for litigation and knowing how to tactically apply the law, the real substance of any case is the people affected, their families, and the impact an injury had on their lives.

“One of the earliest lessons I ever learned was: do the fieldwork; go to the scene. The photo of Gus reminds me to get out there, meet the people, figure out the case, and learn the facts firsthand.”
-Jim Fitzgerald, Founding Partner, The Fitzgerald Law Firm

Jim explains, for example, that in order to successfully take a wrongful death case to trial he needs to help the jury make a personal connection to the victim and their family and see exactly what was lost at the hands of the negligent party. It is simply not enough to rely on facts without human connection.

“I need to know who the person was and what he or she meant to the family. That’s something you’re not going to learn from any interview in the office. I go to the home, to the workplace, if possible, and where s/he spent recreation time and learn all I can about the kind of person s/he was and the legacy s/he leaves behind.”

This methodology has greatly influenced the number of people Jim and his firm have been able to help over the years, ultimately developing a national reputation for delivering extraordinary results in cases ranging from trucking accidents, medical carelessness, defective equipment and other causes of catastrophic injury or wrongful death. The firm’s case results include multiple record-setting verdicts, some of which are the largest ever upheld on appeal in the state of Wyoming.

The success Jim has earned as a trial attorney has resulted in many awards and accolades. In 2020, he was invited to be a part of America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators®, a distinctive invitation-only membership given to lawyers who have litigated cases with at least $2,000,000 at stake. He is also a member of several other exclusive trial lawyer organizations including the American College of Trial Lawyers, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, the International Society of Barristers, and the Inner Circle of Advocates, an organization limited to 100 of the top plaintiff lawyers in the country.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm prides itself on not only building successful cases but successful client-centered relationships that help the individuals and families they represent receive the maximum possible damages.

If you or a loved one have been seriously damaged due to the negligence of another person or company, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Fitzgerald Law Firm for a free consultation of your case.