Hazardous Working Conditions in an Oil Field

January 23, 2024Catastrophic Injury Attorney, Oilfield Accident Attorneys, Oilfield Accident Lawyers, Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyers

Oilfield workers face many hazardous working conditions that can lead to serious accidents. Long hours, and proximity to heavy machinery, scaffolding, and volatile chemicals may contribute to an environment vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Companies and employers are responsible for the safety and health of their employees. Despite strict working standards set by state and … Read More

Seeking Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

November 6, 2023Catastrophic Injury Attorney, Medical Malpractice, Oilfield Accident Attorneys, The Fitzgerald Law Firm

The Fitzgerald Law Firm is devoted to helping individuals and their families suffering from catastrophic, life-changing injuries. When seeking the help of an attorney following an incident that caused injury, it is important to understand how the severity of your circumstances may affect the outcome of your claim and directly impact the damages that you … Read More

What is Catastrophic Injury?

November 29, 2022Catastrophic Injury Attorney, Catastrophic Injury Lawyer, News

Catastrophic injury is a subcategory of personal injury that classifies a severe, unexpected injury to a person that has life-altering effects for the victim and their family. Accidents that cause spinal cord injuries or result in paralysis commonly fall into this category as do brain injuries, but there are many different types of catastrophic injuries … Read More

From Roughnecking to Litigating: Jim Fitzgerald’s Path to the Courtroom

October 13, 2022Catastrophic Injury Attorney, Catastrophic Injury Lawyer, Jim Fitzgerald, News, Wrongful Death Attorney, Wrongful Death Lawyer, Wyoming Personal Injury Attorneys, Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyers

Jim Fitzgerald, founding partner of the Fitzgerald Law Firm, was interviewed by Lawdragon for their Hall of Fame Lawyer Limelight series. He shared his unconventional path to becoming a personal injury lawyer and the hard work and determination it took for him to get there. Before the polished courtroom mahogany, recognition, and awards, renowned trial … Read More

Wyoming Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

September 8, 2022Catastrophic Injury Attorney, Catastrophic Injury Lawyer, News, Wyoming Personal Injury Attorneys, Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyers

What Is Catastrophic Injury? Catastrophic accidents are severe, unexpected, and result in life-threatening injuries that alter the everyday livelihood of the victim and their loved ones. If you are injured in a catastrophic accident, it is necessary to work with an experienced attorney who can address the unique nature of these cases and has the … Read More