For two decades, Jennifer Porter has developed and played an instrumental role at The Fitzgerald Law Firm. Transforming her support from a clerical position to that of office management and paralegal over the years, Jennifer shares the firm’s commitment to justice and the desire to help each client who comes to them for guidance and hope.

Jennifer was only eighteen years old when she began working for Jim Fitzgerald, taking on the challenge of her first “real” job to provide office support for the growing firm. Jim recognized her tenacity and interest in the field and introduced her to a wider range of tasks which propelled her professional growth into a career. Jennifer continued working for the firm through college, ultimately graduating with a degree in Business Management and Accounting.

“The Fitzgerald Law Firm’s desire to help injured people and their families is unmatched. It is rewarding to know how much our personal injury firm has helped clients and improved their lives. Working here has taught me so much. I started at the entry-level, gaining knowledge, exposure, and experience with all the tasks and responsibilities that help support the great work of this great team.”
-Jennifer Porter, office manager and paralegal

Hard-working and organized, Jennifer continued to gain more knowledge and experience alongside the firm’s lawyers, applying her degree and expanding the scope of her role within the firm. Now the firm’s office manager and paralegal, Jennifer is essential to daily operations and contributes greatly to case successes. Managing client files, conducting legal and factual research, preparing and distributing documents, interviewing clients and witnesses, and assisting at trials are all key components of Jennifer’s job that keep cases moving forward toward resolution.

Jennifer especially enjoys the development of cases: diving into the details and learning about the applicable law, the clients’ stories, and the specifics that will build the foundation of a strong case. Each lawsuit is unique and always presents an opportunity for learning and creating change for the better in clients’ lives; a challenge that Jennifer is passionate about.

“Many people who come into the firm have been through serious and traumatic experiences. I enjoy being able to help people who are in a difficult situation, sharing that little bit of support, and helping them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

In her more than twenty years with the firm, Jennifer has assisted the lawyers with a variety of catastrophic personal injury cases ranging from medical malpractice to trucking accidents. Working with clients recovering from traumatic experiences such as life-altering injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one is never easy, but Jennifer can’t imagine being a part of a more caring and thoughtful legal team that truly looks out for the best interests of the people who seek their help.

“What sets the Fitzgerald Law Firm apart is the personal and close relationships we are able to develop with each of our clients. The dynamic of our inner-office communications, teamwork, and trust ultimately provides the best experience for the individuals and families we serve. We take a smaller caseload to ensure each case is given the attention it deserves.”

There is no question in Jennifer’s mind why the firm has been so successful. Over the years, The Fitzgerald Law Firm has garnered impressive results, currently holding multiple records including the largest injury verdict and the largest wrongful death verdict ever upheld on appeal in Wyoming. The team takes on challenging cases and has the skill and drive to see them through their conclusion whether that means trial – or appeal.

Jennifer looks forward to the continued success of the firm, as well as her personal and professional growth as a member of the team. Every day she is grateful for the opportunities and experiences that The Fitzgerald Law Firm has provided her with and can’t imagine working anywhere else.

“I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Fitzgerald Law Firm team. Jim and Michael have had a tremendous impact on my life, have seen me through so many milestones, and have helped make me into the person I am today.”