A first job typically provides us with a memorable experience. For Jamie Tschacher, cybersecurity and IT specialist at the Fitzgerald Law Firm, it was an experience that would create the foundation for a meaningful career.

In 2023, Jamie celebrates 10 (official) years with the Fitzgerald Law Firm. He is a dedicated member of the firm’s staff, and while he runs operations behind the scenes, he is nonetheless committed to the firm’s mission of protecting the rights of those injured in catastrophic events. His work safeguards the confidentiality of digital legal documents and records and ensures the office, its networks, and its technology all run smoothly.

Every single person at the Fitzgerald Law Firm truly cares about the work they do and the people they do it for.
-Jamie Tschacher, Fitzgerald Law Firm, IT specialist

Jamie started with the firm as a runner for Jim and Sharon Fitzgerald when he was a teenager, delivering legal documents and messages between the lawyers, the courthouse, and the firm in the days before email. He enjoyed the fast-paced environment that introduced him to the professional world and his ability to engage with people from all walks of life. Later, Jamie enlisted in the military where he served in the human resources and personnel departments of the Air Force.

Although he always had an affinity for technology and finding solutions to technological problems, Jamie’s experiences in the military paired with his degree in the poly sciences showed him how much he enjoyed working with people. Those life experiences inspired him to find a career that would allow him to help others and feed his passions – and he knew exactly the people he wanted to work for.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm places great value on helping people. We receive many challenging cases where if we didn’t help them, nobody would. It is our goal to help improve the lives of as many people as possible and seeing that come to fruition is rewarding.

An important piece of the work that allows Jamie to feel connected to each case is his development of visual presentations to support casework. Whether he is designing a diagram of an accident scene or organizing evidence, Jamie understands the value of well-presented information and how that information can impact a jury trial.

Jamie possesses the same client-driven purpose cultivated by the firm’s founders – placing the client and their needs at the forefront of each case. His frank demeanor is appreciated by clients in difficult situations and he understands the value of developing long-term relationships with clients and colleagues alike. He is an integral part of the firm’s daily operations and contributes to the success and happiness of the individuals and families who turn to the firm for support.

Congratulations on celebrating 10 years with the Fitzgerald Law Firm, Jamie!