Expert testimony is a crucial element of every medical malpractice claim. Attorneys, judges, and jurors must understand the details and impact of medical malpractice in these complex cases.

Our medical malpractice team at The Fitzgerald Law Firm has over 40 years of experience representing medical malpractice victims. We have access to crucial resources to successfully represent you, including a wide network of expert medical professionals and other witnesses who help establish the validity of your claim and provide valuable information.

What Is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is an individual with highly specialized knowledge or experience who is called upon to explain complicated subjects of a scientific or technical nature. Expert testimony must follow the standards of admissibility set by the United States Supreme Court in Daubert v. Merrell Dow, now known as the Daubert Standard. The Daubert Standard requires expert witnesses to be highly qualified in their respective fields and present their testimony in a scientifically sound manner.

Ultimately, the jury will decide how much weight to give to expert testimony when a medical malpractice case goes to trial. As a result, the credibility of an expert witness, or lack thereof, may significantly impact the jury’s final verdict.

When you hire The Fitzgerald Law Firm, you not only receive the attention and care of an experienced Wyoming medical malpractice attorney, but you also benefit from the knowledge and experience of lifelong medical professionals and specialists.

The Role of an Expert Witness in Medical Malpractice Trials

The general public typically does not have medical experience so, expert witnesses play a key role in educating the jury and the judge about the specifics of the case. Medical procedures, the expected responsibilities of doctors and medical facilities, and the terminology related to procedures, injuries, and medications are all elements that require precise explanation.

An expert witness testifies to the standard of care applicable to a claim and offers a professional opinion as to whether or not the doctor or healthcare worker deviated from that standard. An expert witness will also give an opinion as to whether or not, by deviating from the accepted standard of care, the medical provider caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

As one of the top trial firms in Wyoming, The Fitzgerald Law Firm has assembled an extensive network of expert witnesses to assist you as you pursue your medical malpractice claim. With decades of experience behind us, we hold the record for the largest injury and wrongful death verdicts ever upheld on appeal in the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Testifying Versus Non-Testifying Expert Witnesses

While one role of an expert witness includes testimony before a jury, not every expert witness testifies in court. An expert witness is often a source of vital information throughout the preparation of a claim. These experts may fill several different roles, including:

  • Evaluating the merits of a medical malpractice claim before it is filed.
  • Reviewing your medical records for evidence of negligence.
  • Providing background information on a procedure to demonstrate the extent of injuries.
  • Writing detailed opinions that describe the accepted standard of care for a given medical procedure or set of circumstances.

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