Few personal injury law firms can maintain the intersection of successful law practice and key family values in the same capacity as The Fitzgerald Law Firm. Amanda Courts, a paralegal who has supported the firm for two decades, couldn’t imagine being part of a better team.

Pursuing a career in the criminal justice system, Amanda moved to Cheyenne to finish school. She became a correctional officer and later worked with the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office, learning all she could about the court process and case development. She worked alongside lawyers and judges as she assisted prosecutors on a wide array of cases.

Seeing firsthand how the law positively impacted individuals in the criminal justice system, Amanda joined The Fitzgerald Law Firm in 2004, inspired to apply her experience to personal injury casework. For 20 years, she has been a part of the firm’s nationwide impact, helping individuals and families recover from life-changing injuries stemming from various wrongful death, personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability cases.

“Helping others overcome devastating situations and find a positive outcome is fulfilling. I have seen so many people and so many lives impacted in a positive way by the law.”
-Amanda Courts, Paralegal, The Fitzgerald Law Firm

As an experienced paralegal, Amanda handles all aspects of a case from intakes to appeals. She participates in depositions, hearings, and trials, supports the attorneys’ needs with exhibits, documentation, and court records, and works closely with clients. The cases Amanda handles range from catastrophic truck accidents to oil rig fatalities and much more.

A mother and a wife, Amanda is empathetic and understanding toward clients. She understands the devastating circumstances that require the help of the firm and aims to make clients feel heard and cared for in their most vulnerable moments.

“If people come to us, we know something horrific has happened to them. To have their trust to help them on their journey to recovery is special.” -Amanda Courts

Clients, she says, are at the center of the firm’s success. Most of the firm’s clients are local, or from Wyoming, but cases do come from throughout the United States. A defining characteristic of The Fitzgerald Law Firm is that the team limits its caseload to maintain a high level of care for each client, taking great pride in fully concentrating time and energy on one case at a time.

Open communication and clarity are among the fundamental attributes of the firm’s operations. Even internally, Amanda cherishes the team’s ability to connect, communicate, and understand each other, demonstrating the family-oriented nature of the practice.

“Our firm has a great team dynamic, deeply rooted in our respect and trust for one another. How we work together sets the tone for what we can accomplish for our clients.” -Amanda Courts

For Amanda, success means helping a client navigate a challenging situation to emerge able to move forward with their life. While it is never possible to be made “whole” again after experiencing a catastrophic accident, the firm seeks to obtain the highest degree of justice for every client it represents.

In twenty years, Amanda has been a part of some truly remarkable case outcomes that have brought her immense pride and fulfillment. She looks forward to continuing to learn all she can from The Fitzgerald Law Firm team and contributing to the firm’s pursuit of justice.