What Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

September 29, 2023Wrongful Death Attorney, Wrongful Death Lawyer

Unexpected – sudden – preventable:  The hallmark of wrongful death cases. The unexpected death of a loved one, especially when that death was a result of a wrongdoer’s negligence, recklessness, or unlawful actions, can cause tremendous loss for the surviving family of the decedent. Coping with such a loss of a family member can place … Read More

Wrongful Death Laws in Wyoming

November 2, 2022News, Wrongful Death Attorney, Wrongful Death Lawyer

Every year thousands of people are killed by car accidents, workplace accidents, medical errors, and trucking accidents that result from negligent or wanton actions. Wrongful death laws in Wyoming ensure surviving family members can find closure and healing through accountability and compensation when such negligence results in death. What is a Wrongful Death Claim? A … Read More

From Roughnecking to Litigating: Jim Fitzgerald’s Path to the Courtroom

October 13, 2022Catastrophic Injury Attorney, Catastrophic Injury Lawyer, Jim Fitzgerald, News, Wrongful Death Attorney, Wrongful Death Lawyer, Wyoming Personal Injury Attorneys, Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyers

Jim Fitzgerald, founding partner of the Fitzgerald Law Firm, was interviewed by Lawdragon for their Hall of Fame Lawyer Limelight series. He shared his unconventional path to becoming a personal injury lawyer and the hard work and determination it took for him to get there. Before the polished courtroom mahogany, recognition, and awards, renowned trial … Read More

Wyoming Wrongful Death Lawyers

August 10, 2022News, Wrongful Death Attorney, Wrongful Death Lawyer

For over 40 years, The Fitzgerald Law Firm has delivered exceptional results for clients in Wyoming and throughout the United States healing from a personal injury or the death of a loved one. Our practice is centered around the cornerstone belief that every client deserves to find truth and justice. The emotional and financial losses … Read More

Questions for Prospective Attorneys in Severe Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

October 15, 2021News, Wrongful Death Attorney, Wrongful Death Lawyer

When individuals and their families suffer catastrophic injuries and wrongful death because of someone else’s negligence, the consequences are devastating and life-altering. At The Fitzgerald Law Firm, we are committed to finding the truth and justice in every case we handle. For severe and catastrophic injuries as well as cases of wrongful death, here are … Read More